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aboutbdiBasin Disposal Inc.
Garbage collection service within the City of College Place is provided by Basin Disposal Inc. (BDI). For more information, please contact their local number at (509) 525-1711 or see their website.

Attention: Information on the suspension of curbside recycling services is located here. 
Garbage Contract Changes (Effective 1-1-2018)

Beginning January 1st, 2018 there are some service changes with Basin Disposal, the solid waste provider for College Place. The service is moving to unlimited collection.  This means that 64 gallon containers will be replaced with 96 gallon containers in order to keep drivers in the truck for greater efficiency. A pamphlet on service changes is located here (Please click on link). Some general FAQ's are located below: 

1. What is unlimited collection? 

Unlimited collection means that Basin Disposal will collect whatever is put out along the street as long as it is bagged, boxed, or bundled. This includes taking applicances, yard waste, and such. 

2. Will Basin Disposal charge me a overfill charge anymore? 

No, they will not. It is unlimited collection. 

3. Can't my container be grandfathered? 

32 gallon containers will be allowed to be grandfathered as long as they are not overfilled perpetually. However, in order to allow operator efficiency which keeps down operational cost, 64 gallon containers will be upgraded to the 96. 

4. When was this this advertised discussed with the Public?

The changes were discussed in a couple of the newsletters that went out with utility bills. The changes were discussed at length during the November 28th  (Meeting PacketAudio File) and December 12th meetings (Meeting Packet . Audio File).  It was also advertised through multiple media channels.