Frequently Asked Questions

1.  How and where can I apply for an electrical permit?
You can apply for an electrical permit by going online, clicking on "Trades and Licensing," and then "Licenses and Permits," or you can call 1 (800) 547-9411. There is also a kiosk located at 310 A (Airport) Street in Walla Walla, Washington, at the Small Business Administration Building.
2.  What are the requirements for installing a landscape sprinkler systems?
A permit (plumbing permit) is required to install a landscape sprinkler system. The permit cost is $28.35 and includes the necessary inspections. The city needs to inspect the connection to the water supply to make sure there is a device to protect the water supply. Such a device is called an atmospheric vacuum breaker. This device must be inspected to verify that the water supply is adequately protected against backflow.
3.  What are the setbacks for building a storage shed or garage in the rear yard?
Setbacks are primarily designated by zoning within the city. Depending on which zone of the city you are in, the Community Development Department can tell you the zoning setbacks. There is also a limit to how much of your total lot you can cover. You can download our brochures on the website or call the Community Development Department at (509) 394-8524 for more detailed information.