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Current Projects     CURRENT PROJECTS
See below for a listing of current city infrastructure and development development projects.
The City's current infrastructure projects are listed below. 
 Name  Location Status Traffic Alerts GIS Map Link
 College Ave./Rose Street (CARS)  College Ave. & NE Rose Street Physical Completion  None  
 4th Street/Academy Way-Phase 1  SW 4th Street & SW Academy Way  Out to Bid    None  
 4th Street/Academy Way-Phase 2  SW 4th Street (Davis to College)  Conceptual Design  None  
"C" Street  NE "C" Street (College to Larch)  90% Design  None  
 Cedar Avenue  NE Cedar St. ("C" St. to "A" St,)  90% Design  None  
 Damson Avenue  NE Damson Av. ("C" St. to Rose)  90%  None  
 Water System Consolidation  College Place/Peppers Bridge Road  30% Design  None  
 Well No. 2 Relocation  To Be Determined  30% Design  None  
 Wastewater Plant Facility Plan Update  428 Owens Road  Planning Study  None  
City Parking Lot  625 S College Avenue  Design  None  
 Lions Park Pond  Lions Park  Planning  None  

See below for current development activity within the City of College Place.
 Name  Location  Status  Traffic Alerts  GIS Map Link
 Elsom Shop Building   645 NE Spitzenberg Street  Plans  Approved  None  
 Hamby Appartments-Phase II  1410 S College Avenue  Submitting Final Plans  None  
 Whitman Crossing  1005 - 1027 NE "C" Street  Submitting Final Plans  None  
 Professional Office Space  59 N College Avenue  Phase 1 Constructed  None  
 "Village at Fort Walla Walla" (old name)   Whitman Dr. between Larch and Myra  Awaiting PUD Decision  None  
 SDA Church  255 SE Larch  Plans Approved  None  
 WWU Bowers Hall  204 S College Avenue  Construction  None  
Conners Carpet  650 NE Rose Street  Construction  None  
Comprehensive Healthcare RTF  1250 SE Commercial Drive  Construction  None  
Homestead Acres Phase 3B  South SW Homestead Road  Constructed/Lots Available  None  
Homestead Acres Phase 3C  South SW Homestead Road  Construction  Limited Access  
Garrison Village Phase IX  Whimbrel Loop (Private)  Constructed/Lots Available  None  
Gevallia Addition   NE Alpine Dr & NE Hadley Loop  Constructed/Lots Available  None  
Calabria Place  NW Maria Street & NW Vera Place  Constructed/Lots Available  None