ROW and Street Cut Moratorium     ROW & STREET RESTORATION
All work and activities within City right-of-way (ROW) requires a right-of-way permit and the City's Street Cut Restoration Act restricts activities in some streets. 
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051911 Street Cut Pictures Whitman East to Academy

College Place Municipal Code Chapter 12.08 requires that a right-of-way (ROW) permit be obtained from the city for all work performed within the public ROW.   See the link to the application below.   ROW permits are required for work by franchises and private parties. Applicants must be a licensed contractor, have liability insurance and provide plans along with the application (see Chapter 12.06 Right-of-way Permits in "Governing City Code" below).   In addition, a traffic control plan must be submitted for any work within streets or pedestrian ways.

The city also prescribes restoration measures for street cuts depending upon the classification and age of the street since the last restoration.   Street cut moratoriums may be in place for up to ten years on certain high-value roads and may only be superseded by City Council Approval. 

Email or call (509) 394-8526 for ROW and street inspections.