Physical Agility Exam
When applying for a resident, volunteer, or paid position as a Firefighter with the College Place Fire Department, all applicants must successfully complete the physical agility exam, otherwise known as the Combat Challenge. Any applicant who fails the exam on their first attempt will be allowed one retest after a 20-minute rest period. 

Challenge Details
The challenge is performed as follows: 
  1. Candidates will don the supplied protective equipment on the ground along with the SCBA. 
  2. They will then report to the starting line at the body drag station. 
  3. Time starts when the candidate pulls the front edge of a 175 pound railroad tie across the starting line. The candidate will pull the tie 100 feet to a designated location and then turn around, pulling the tie back 100 feet, crossing the starting line. 
  4. The candidate will go to the hammer sled and using a sledgehammer will pound the entire weighted box across the finish line. 
  5. The candidate will then go to the hose drag station where he/she will pull a one and a half-inch charged hose line from the start position to the finish box, show water, and set the nozzle down. 
  6. The candidate will proceed to the entrance of the drill tower where he/she will shoulder load a 50-foot pre-bundled hose load and proceed to the fourth floor landing where the candidate will drop the pre-bundled hose and ascend to the roof.
  7. At the roof, the candidate will hoist a rolled section of two and half-inch hose, approximately 35 pounds, to the top of the roof and over the parapet wall to the floor. Time stops when the hose hits the floor.

Total elapsed time allowed is four minutes from the starting line at the body drag station to the finish line at the roof of the drill tower.