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The City of College Place has been working with community partners to redevelop and enhance the existing nine-acre Lion’s Park property, located on Southeast Larch Avenue.   

Splash Pad and Inclusive Playground. 
The project will develop a splash pad and inclusive playground at Lions Park. The project will also include development of accessible walkways, new picnic shelter, new restrooms, lighting, and new park signage. The
primary recreation opportunity provided by the project will be aquatic and inclusive play, as well as enhancements in park safety, access and aesthetics.  The splash pad, inclusive playground, picnic shelter, and restrooms have all been identified as a priority in the 2018 Parks, Recreation, and Open Space Plan.

Lions Park Trail and Fishing Pond
The project will also develop a quarter-mile fitness trail and restore the pond in Lions Park. The City will develop fitness zones along the trail that include resistant weight strengthening. In addition, the City will dredge the pond and restore the banks of the pond and creek, remove the fish weir, and add a fishing dock that is accessible to people with disabilities. Finally, the City will install stormwater treatment and lighting.

Multi-Use Athletic Field and Restrooms
This part of the project will restore and develop multiuse fields (soccer and baseball) and renovate the restrooms at Lions Park. The City also will replace the irrigation and security lighting.

Community Need
 Lions Park Need

Funding Partners
WA State Recreation Conservation Office Grants - $1,349,550
Sherwood Trust Core Grant - $500,000

Local Funds
City REET II Tax - $600,000

The City’s recreational needs assessment has identified this park as the highest priority, and the project has widespread support from community groups including the Sherwood Trust, Walla Walla Disability Network, College Place Lions Club, Blue Mountain Community Foundation and the TriState Steelheaders.

The City has selected Anderson Perry & Associates is the engineering design firm for the project.  Community Development Director, Jon Rickard is the project contact for the City.
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Fish Pond
Splash Pad 1

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