Vehicle Collisions
Collision Records

If you are involved in a collision, call 9-1-1 for a police response. If there are injuries, or there is damage to any vehicle of $700 or more, our department will complete a report. If the damage is less than $700, it is not considered a reportable accident, however you can pick up a state collision report form at our office to be completed by you.

Online Reporting
You can report a non-reportable collision online by clicking here: Collision Records Online Reporting

Hit & Run Collisions

If you are the victim of a hit and run and the collision can be verified as having occurred within College Place city limits, we will complete a report.

Requesting Copy of Collision Report

If you are seeking a copy of the collision report from an accident in which you were involved, or are the registered owner of a vehicle involved, you can contact our Records Unit at (509) 394-8550. You will be asked to provide specific information such as a case number or, if you do not have a case number, your name, the date, time, and location of the collision. If the officer did not use the electronic SECTOR system to submit the collision report, an unofficial copy can be released to the involved parties at no cost, but may not be available for several days as the report must meet the approval of the supervisor before it can be released. You will be asked to present identification prior to receiving the unofficial copy of the collision report.

For an official copy of a collision report

You may apply for a copy of a collision report online through the City of college place Nextrequest, or for an OFFICIAL copy please visit the Washington State Patrol website to request a copy. College Place Police Department does not provide collision reports to insurance companies.  Insurance companies will also be directed to the Washington State Patrol website to obtain the collision report.