Animal License

Dog License Procedure

College Place Municipal code 6.04.030 requires licensing of any dog four (4) months of age or older that resides within the city limits. The fee to obtain a College Place dog license is $15 if the dog is altered (spayed / neutered). If the dog is unaltered, the license fee is $30. You will be asked to provide proof of current rabies vaccination and proof the dog has been altered. The license is good for the calendar year. The information we obtain will help us locate the dog’s owner if the dog is lost and subsequently found; it also enables us to verify, without delay, that the dog is current on rabies vaccinations if there is report of a dog bite involving your dog. 

Dog licenses may be obtained by contacting the College Place Police Department. We now have the ability to pay online with the link below. You will need to create an account to continue. Security measures must be completed to continue, as well as confirming your email address and account. Please keep this information, so you can renew in the years to come. We start selling dog licenses in December for the next year.  You have until March 1st to obtain the current year's license; after March 1st, there will be an additional $10 Late Fee charged per animal. Please call the College Place Police Department if you have any questions.

You can apply and pay at Localgov.  If you need assistance, please see the instructions for applying and paying online. 
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City ordinance 17.54.020 provides a table of minimum standards for animals and states, “No more than three dogs or cats, or any combination thereof, 4 months of age or older, shall be permitted per dwelling unit”. At the present time, the city of College Place does not license cats.

The College Place Municipal Code is now available online. Visit the site to learn more about the regulation of dogs within the city limits.