If you wish to make use of the fingerprinting services we provide to the community, the fee is $10 per card. It will be necessary for you to provide us with current picture ID at the time of your printing. If you are being fingerprinted at the request of an educational or government entity, they should provide the fingerprint card(s) they want used. If you are not provided a fingerprint card, please be sure we have either a billing address or an address where the results are to be sent. Please do NOT fill out the fingerprint card prior to your arrival.  Our technicians will provide you with instructions as to what needs to be filled out and how.

Our fingerprinting services are provided at:
  • College Place Police Department
    619 S. College Ave.
    College Place, WA

Our hours to fingerprint are 8:30 am to11:00 am and 1:30 pm to 4:00 pm Monday through Thursday, excluding holidays; on Fridays, we stop fingerprinting at 3:00pm. Please call (509) 394-8550 to verify availability.