Recruitment Incentives

The College Place Police Department (CPPD) recognizes the unique opportunity to hire a lateral officer. Lateral officers can provide organizations with proven leadership, experience and competence that contribute greatly to the organization and community we serve. Recognizing this, the CPPD has special incentives to recruit tenured officers.

$5,000 signing bonus

Up to $1,000 toward moving expenses

Up to 80 hours of vacation credit negotiated by tenure/experience.

Starting step wages negotiated by tenure/experience.

Visit compensation link to review salary steps and other officer incentives.

Lateral Officer Qualifications & Testing Process

U.S. Citizen or a lawful permanent resident

Must at a minimum be a high school graduate. Persons who have completed some college courses or have a college or university degree are preferred.

Must have a valid Washington or Oregon driver’s license depending on the candidate’s state of residency or, if living outside of Washington or Oregon, be able to obtain a valid license in either state within 30 days of moving after acceptance of a final job offer. 

Meet qualifications listed for entry level candidates.

Must be currently employed as a commissioned police officer for a minimum of two years.

Must have successfully graduated from a Washington State Police Academy or, if currently employed as a police officer from another state, meet the CJTC training academy equivalency standards and be eligible to complete the out of Equivalency Academy with the Washington State Criminal Justice Training Commission.

The hiring of a police officer is a lengthy and complex process and is accomplished through the state civil service system as adopted by Chapter 2.48 of the College Place Municipal Code (C.P.M.C.). 

Candidates must satisfactorily complete a physical agility test consisting of push-ups, sit-ups and 1.5 mile run according to 40th percentile Cooper standards posted below: 
40th percentile

Upon successful completion of physical agility test, lateral candidates will be invited to oral board interview. 

The names of the top three lateral candidates established by their scores are submitted by the civil service commission to the chief of police. The chief will set up a time to extensively interview each candidate.

Once a final candidate is selected to proceed in the process, a conditional offer of employment is extended. At this time the candidate must sign an agreement to continue employment with the department for a minimum of five years or pay back to the city a portion of his / her training expenses at a rate of 20% for each year he / she did not complete. (Example: A person hired leaves his / her employment with the agency after three years. That person would be required to pay back to the city a total of 40% of his / her training expenses.)

The candidate(s) must successfully complete a polygraph examination conducted by a certified polygraph examiner.

The candidate must successfully complete a psychological examination conducted by a certified psychologist or psychiatrist.

The candidate must successfully complete an extensive background investigation.

The candidate must pass a medical screening.