Garrison Creek 

Stormwater Utility Billing Notice

The city began billing for stormwater services as of January 2019.  Credit applications for properties with engineered stormwater systems are still being processed. Engineered stormwater systems need to be certified by a professional engineer and will be reviewed by the City to see if they comply with Stormwater Standards and whether they are eligible for a credit. 

In 2013, the  City of College Place was placed on notice by the State of Washington Department of Ecology  that the City would be regulated under Phase 2 of the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES).  In order to prepare for regulation, the City hired Parametrix, Inc. in June 2017 to begin putting together a stormwater plan to inclue establishing a municipal stormwater utility. The utility is a vehicle by which municipal ratepayers pay a fee for the city to establish stormwater detention/retention facilities or treat stormwater via passive methods. The City received a grant from the State Department of Ecology for over $90,000 to begin a Stormwater Utility Master Plan.   Resolution #21-004 was adopted by the College Place City Council on January 12th, 2021. 

The City's Stormwater Management Plan documents the status of the City's current stormwater system, current plans and programs, and future efforts to comply with the City's NPDES permit.  Resolution #21-004 was adopted by the College Place City Council on January 12th, 2021 which fully enacted the College Place Stormwater Utility Plan 

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Stormwater Management Manual for Eastern Washington - State manual which dictates design standards for stormwater facilities in Eastern Washington State. (2004)