Historic Properties

The City of College Place received a grant from the National Park Service and the Department of the Interior administered by the Department of Archaeology and Historic Preservation (DAHP) to survey and identify fifty (50) historic buildings within the City of College Place.   Northwest Vernacular was chosen to research and report on historic buildings within the city.  

City of College Place Reconnaissance and Intensive Level Survey Report

 11 E Whitman Drive  22 S College Avenue
 23 E Whitman Drive  104 S College Avenue
104 E Whitman Drive  133 S College Avenue 
116 E Whitman Drive 207 S College Avenue 
129 E Whitman Drive  290 S College Avenue 
12 N College Avenue 301 S College Avenue 
17 N College Avenue  327 S College Avenue 
18 N College Avenue  500 S College Avenue 
37 N College Avenue  1575 S College Avenue 
45 N College Avenue 1710 S College Avenue 
53 N College Avenue  30 SE 4th Street 
105 N College Avenue  105 SE 4th Street
109 N College Avenue  106 SE 4th Street 
205 N College Avenue  308 SE 4th Street 
303 N College Avenue  19 SE 6th Street 
316 N College Avenue  406 SE 6th Street 
218 NE A Street 615 SE 8th Street 
575 NE Spitzenburg Street  111 SE 12th Street 
36 NE Tremont Drive  393 SE Highland Park Drive
32 SE Ash Avenue 424 SE Scenic View Drive 
200 SE Ash Avenue  615 SE Scenic View Drive 
201 SW Bade Avenue 405 W Whitman Drive
825 SE Birch Avenue  201 SW 1st Street 
830 SE Birch Avenue  403 SW 2nd Street 
1877 SE Bliss Lane  212 SW 4th Street 
1310 SE Broadway Avenue 17A SW 6th Street 
1320 SE Broadway Avenue 17B SW 6th Street
1324 SE Broadway Avenue 306 SW 10th Street
1408 SE Broadway Avenue 127 SW 12th Street
1444 SE Central Avenue 16 SW 13th Street
1537 SE Central Avenue 620 SE Date Avenue
12 SW Davis Avenue  
26 SW Davis Avenue