The City's Hearing Examiner is Gary N. McLean.

The College Place Hearing Examiner holds hearings as scheduled.  Hearings are currently conducted over Zoom. 

Documents and audio related to Public Hearings are located here.

The City of College Place has authorized the Hearing Examiner to conduct hearings on land use permit applications and appeals of certain administrative decisions.  The Hearing Examiner system assures fairness and due process protection for all persons involved in the land use hearing process. It is the Hearing Examiner's responsibility to render land use decisions in an efficient manner. Hearings held before the Hearing Examiner are quasi-judicial proceedings.  

The decision of the hearing examiner on all matters is final and conclusive, unless appealed according to CPMC 19.15.040 (Superior Court) within 21 calendar days of the date of the decision or action.

The hearing examiner's decision shall be based upon the policies of the comprehensive planning documents of the city, this Municipal Code, the standards set forth in the various development regulations of the city or any other applicable program or policies adopted by the city council. When acting upon any of the above applications or appeals, the hearing examiner may grant or deny the application, or may attach reasonable conditions, modifications, and restrictions found necessary to make the project compatible with its location and to carry out the goals and policies of the applicable comprehensive plan, or other applicable plans or programs adopted by the city council.

The College Place Hearing Examiner holds hearings as scheduled in the College Place City Council Chambers, City Hall, 625 S College Avenue, College Place, WA. If there are no applications pending before the Hearing Examiner, no public hearing or meeting will be held.

Pursuant to the authority conferred in CPMC 2.50.100(B), the following rules of procedure shall apply in the City of College Place Hearing Examiner's public hearings on land use permits and administrative appeals. Hearing Examiner Rules

For additional information regarding the Hearing Examiner Process please see the Guide to the Hearing Examiner Process.