Whispering Creek SubDiv.

  Whispering Creek Subdivision

A new single family residential subdivision on a 4.79-acre site consisting of eleven residential lots with one public access road ending in a cul-de-sac.

Name of Applicants:  Dan & Marva Preas and Roger & Connie Maidment

Public Hearing Staff Report - UPDATED 12/13/2019

Exhibit 1- Preliminary Plat Application
Exhibit 2 -Notice of Application
Exhibit 3 - Determination of Non-Significance
Exhibit 4-SEPA 
Exhibit 5-Mailing Labels
Exhibit 6 - Ad Proof legals
Exhibit 7 - Preliminary Plat Whispering Creek
Exhibit 8- Conceptural Engineering Plans
Exhibit 9 - Liquefaction
Exhibit 10- Critical Area Report
Exhibit 11 - Public Works Comments
Exhibit 12 - Survey Review - Waggoner
Exhibit 13- Cultural Resource Report & Survey
Exhibit 14- DAHP
Exhibit 15- Stormwater Report and Supporting Data
Exhibit 16 - Ecology
Exhibit 17 -  Fire Marshall Comments
Exhibit 18 -  Engineering Comments

Application Material

Notice of Application

SEPA Checklist


Critical Area Report

Liquifaction Report

Cultural Resources Report

Preliminary Plat

Construction Plans (Conceptual)