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MercyCorp NW - Small Business (Microenterprise) Assistance Program

Residents of the City of College Place can participate in a IDA Matched-Savings Business Grant program developed by MercyCorp NW. Requirements to participate is to complete 12 hours of free business education classes, complete a business plan, finalize a list of assets to buy for your business, and save $84 each month towards a savings goal of $500. Successful participants who complete the entire program will receive $4,500 grant to match their $500. To learn more, please attend a Orientation program at Sharpstein Elementary School located at 410 S. Howard St in Walla Walla. Residents can apply to the program by obtaining application from Brian Duvall (bduvall@wwvchamber.com) and turning it in to him or Mr. Mike Rizzitiello - City Administrator at College Place CIty Hall or via email at mrizzitiello@cpwa.us. A flier on this program is located here.