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College Place Fireworks Regulations

It’s Independence Day! Let’s make July 4th as SAFE as it is FUN. Fourth of July means Food, Family and Fireworks. It is legal to sell and purchase consumer fireworks within the city of College Place from 9am to 11pm on each day from the first of July through the fourth of July and from 5pm to 11pm on the thirty-first of December of each year. The minimum age to purchase fireworks is 16 years old. Consumer fireworks may be used or discharged each day between the hours of 9 am and 11 pm on the 1st of July through the 4th July fourth and from 6 pm on December 31st until 1am on January 1st of the new year.

It is unlawful to discharge fireworks on the property of another without the permission of the property owner. It is unlawful to discharge fireworks in a public park without permission from the Fire Chief. It is unlawful to discharge fireworks on city property that is not a park, including Public Streets, without permission of the city council. A few Safety Guidelines to remember about Fireworks. Before You Light Fireworks - Be Prepared. Purchase only legal fireworks, available at approved stands. Place Pets indoors, they may become frightened.

Keep a bucket of water nearby in which to place all used fireworks. Have a water hose or fire extinguisher nearby to put out stray sparks. Know your address, location, basic first aid, and remember to call 911 if you need emergency assistance. When Lighting Fireworks - Be Safe. Have a designated adult supervise the lighting of all fireworks. Use eye protection, wear safety goggles. Light one at a time, move away quickly, and keep at a safe distance until the display is finished. Use only outdoors, away from anything that can burn.

To prevent injuries, never throw fireworks and never hold fireworks in your hand. After You Finish – Be Responsible. Clean up all debris when finished. Duds can be dangerous. If a device does not light or fire, an adult should wait at least five minutes and approach it carefully and place it in a bucket of water to soak. More information on The City of College Place’s Fireworks Code can be found in the College Place Municipal Code Section 8.08.

http://library.municode.com/HTML/14763/level2/TIT8HESA_CH8.08FI.html Have a Fun and Safe July 4th!