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Evaluation of Potential Ambulance Utility

Ambulance Utility Webpage
Ambulance Utility Exploration Letter to Community 

Letter from  Office of the Mayor

October 15th, 2021

Dear Community Members,

The College Place Fire Department and its Basic Life Support Ambulance Service is currently staffed by six full-time firefighter’s/emergency medical services (ems) (including Chief) and a cadre of volunteer firefighters/ems. Over the last two years, the call volumes for aid has increased at a fever pitch, putting a heavy burden on our volunteer firefighters.

The current budget allows for 1 full time firefighter/ems scheduled per shift with our volunteers. The excessive call volume is taking a physical and mental toll on our volunteer firefighters/ems, which is not safe for anyone.  With that in mind, Fire Chief David Winter has been seeking a solution on how to increase staffing to allow 2 full time firefighters/ems scheduled per shift.

The College Place City Council is evaluating the concept of an Ambulance Utility which was originally explored back in 2018, but no action was taken. We welcome feedback on your thoughts regarding an Ambulance Utility in order to fund sufficient staffing of our firefighters/ems. For questions, please reach out to Fire Chief David Winter at Em: dwinter@cpwa.us or Ph: (509)-394-8605

 The Warmest Regards,

Norma L. Hernández