The City of College Place City Council suspended curbside recycling services via Resolution 18-008 on March 27th, 2018. This was done for several reasons. The Chinese Government dramatically increased quality requirements on recyclable material they would accept.  The majority of the US recyclable material collected does not fit this new quality requirement. The City received word from its Recycling handler that materials collected in the city could start going to a landfill due to a lack of demand due to the shift in China's recycling market. Since residents have unlimited garbage collection, this would be an unfair burden on residents to essentially be charged twice for garbage. Thus, the recycling program is suspended until market conditions change and a solution is found where we can ensure all recycled items are in fact being recycled. We are working with Basin Disposal, Association of Washington Cities, and State of Washington Department of Ecology on a solution.
Stay tuned! 

Why Is Our Recycling Going To Landfills?