Solar Array Map

Address: 55 SE Maple Avenue, College Place, WA

Robert McAndrews - Public Works Director
Ph: (509)-394-8526

The City is working with ESCO McKinstry Services to install 111.5 kW solar array within the fence line adjacent to the East Side Water Booster Tanks. This project is being financed by a State of Washington Department of Commerce Solar, Transalta Solar, and Pacific Power Blue Sky Grant. This project will be operational by Fall 2022. 
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Engineering1 document

  • College Place East Side Booster Solar ESP 8-17-21.pdf
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Grants3 documents

  • Resolution #20-006
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    Pacific Power Blue Sky Grant
  • Resolution #21-062
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    State of Washington Department of Commerce Solar Grant
  • Res No 22-012 Transalta Solar Array Grant Acceptance 2022-02-22 (1).pdf
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    Transalta Solar Grant

Construction1 document

  • Res No 22-013 McKinstry Solar Array Construction Contract 2022-02-22.pdf
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