GIS Data and Maps

Welcome!  We have assembled several helpful GIS maps for your use.  Before using these maps and the GIS data, please familiarize yourself with the terms of use below.  Thank you!

Terms of Use. 
Please be advised that the data contained in the City of College Place’s Geographic Information System (GIS) is subject to constant change and that the City of College Place, its agents, consultants, contractors, or employees collectively referred to as the “City” do not guarantee that the information presented is accurate or complete.

All data contained in the City’s GIS, including aerial photography files is provided by the City AS IS without warranty of any kind, implied or express, as to the information being accurate or complete. Some data may be proprietary or protected intellectual property and may require authorization from the owner of the data before download or use of the data.  City aerial data may only be downloaded or used under separate agreement with the City (email on-line aerial release agreement to

With knowledge of the foregoing, by proceeding to use the City’s GIS, each user agrees to waive, release and indemnify the City, its agents, consultants, contractors or employees from any and all claims, actions, or causes of action for damages or injury to persons or property arising from the download, distribution, use or inability to use City GIS data.

The City of College Place will not be responsible for any data distributed by others. The release of data to the requestor does not authorize the party to redistribute or resell or act as an agent for any data received from the City.

NOTE:  From time to time, some maps may not be available (require log-in credentials).

Map Gallery (all maps)
City Limits
Land Use
Building Footprints
Streets (zoom in to see)
Pavement Condition Survey
Bike Routes (current and proposed)
Street Curbs
Right-of-way Assets (Stop signs and American Disability Act curb ramps)
Wayfinding Sign Plan (Draft)
Parks and School Fields
Water and Sewer
Yard Debris Pick-up